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  • Do You Want To Become: Healthier, Fitter, Stronger and burn excess body fat - faster?

    P.A.C.E stands for P
    rogressively A
    ccelerating C
    ardiopulmonary E
    xertion . It is not aerobics, nor is it H.I.I.T ( High Intensity Interval Training). A typical P.A.C.E workout last only 12 mins – which includes rest periods too! P.AC.E. is the smarter way to exercise without having to lift weights, do cardio or take aerobic classes. Choi Kwang Do P.A.C.E training helps students to become healthier, fitter, stronger and burn excess body fat - faster. Choi Kwang Do P.A.C.E training, strengthens your heart, increases your lung capacity and boosts your energy levels. Another benefit of P.A.C.E training is that it allows you to age successfully. Watch ....

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  • Terms & Conditions

    Secure Online Payments
    At Choi Kwang Do UK we make every effort to ensure that our customers have a secure and reliable way to make payment. We use state of the art E-Commerce security, which is provided by Worldpay Merchant Services. All credit and debit card transactions are protected so that you can relax and enjoy the online shopping experience. In order to facilitate the payment process our customers have the choice of using Worldpay’s “FuturePay” or “FuturePay Direct “ payment service. All transactions are taken in pounds sterling (GBP).
    Futurepay / Future Pay Direct
    FuturePay: This a recurring (repeat) payment system that allows us to set up an ....

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  • PRESS RELEASE Research Proves That Secondary School Students who Practice Martial Arts Regularly Can Improve Their GCSE Grades and Character

    ***PRESS RELEASE: Research Proves That Secondary School Students who Practice Martial Arts Regularly Can Improve Their GCSE Grades and Character***

    Research conducted in a local Secondary school in London, England proves that exercise in the form of the martial art known as Choi Kwang Do can help children improve their academic performance and develop character. The research took place at Alperton Community School, in London and the participants have seen tremendous improvements not only in their GCSE grades but also in terms of confidence, self-esteem and self belief. Click on the link to view PDF: Exercise Boosts Academic Performance & Develops Character ....

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  • Our Mission

    Our Mission
    Our mission is to develop the mind, body and soul of all our students into astounding BLACK BELT LEADERS
    . We aim to make our students more successful in life through the practice and study of our programme and to influence them in a positive manner. To achieve this, we must instil the LEADERS ATTITUDE
    ; to set positive goals for self-improvement and to elicit the inherent unyielding spirit that is capable of accomplishing our highest dreams. We aim to imbibe our students with good human values so as to influence the student’s overall well being and BEHAVIOUR
    . This will develop their habits and lifestyle that will lead towards long-term happiness; which in turn will ....

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