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Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

Hardeep Kaur, Kushan Shah, Teresa Ibe

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

Learning at Wembley Choi Kwang Do has been an amazing learning experience. The skills I have learned are always developing me and improving me to become better everyday.

Shaan Patel

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

I was looking for a martial arts club for my son to attend. He was 7 years old at the time and has some difficulty speaking and understanding. Which lead to him being low in confidence. Having done some martial arts i know, personaly it can boost confidence. 

I proceeded to take my son to, i think every club in wembley and nearby, and was very disappointed with the out comes. My son’s confidence got worse. Even crying at one club.
Then i checked out this club out.

I Would like to point out, to me, most martial arts are the same. They teach you to fight. Which is what i wanted my son to learn. Black belts, i can buy from Asda,  and unless your founder is Mr Miyagi, its all the same to me.

That said, this club is probably the best club for children i have been to. There is a heavy focus of character building. They start the lessons with mindfulness. Yes they have children sitting quietly. Then a little talk about feelings. Before the warm ups and patterns. 

What makes this a good club for children is the main teacher Mr Keith Banfield . He Does not play favorites, does not speak down to any of the children, even takes time to speak to the children individually. 

This attitude filters down to the children, as i saw no bullying, or intimidation. In facti saw very small framed children with confidence, and not the aggression i had seen encouraged at other clubs. I saw young girls and boys practicing together, very happily. Unlike some of the competingi had seen at other clubs. Again this seems down to a real understanding of children being children and the importance of development of character, above violence. I put this down to a very good teacher. I saw him a few times deal calmly and patiently with children that would of been dealt in totally different ways at other clubs. 

As for the down sides it's in a difficult area to get to, and its money up front, and no weekend training, and its for these reasons i stopped sending my son here.  My son plays piano and its difficult fitting it all in, weekdays. but i really believe this is probably the best club for children in the area, that i have seen.

I believe the club had a very positive effect on my son and would recommend it, even if it's just for a term in summer.

Philip Thomson

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

Training at CKD Wembley has been one of the best experiences I have been involved with. Working with Master Keith Banfield for over 15 years now has helped with my progression academically, as well as technically from the Martial Arts Perspective

Sacchin Shah

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

Master Keith is amazing! He really knows his stuff and is extremely informative.

Cory Johnson

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

From my first class, I have been completely hooked! Choi Kwang Do, unlike other Martial Arts looks beyond the simple kicking and punching techniques. It understands that a martial artist is composed of good character and a sound understanding of the basic human values.

Rishi Patel

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

I have tried my hand at Judo, Kick Boxing and Jitsu, but Choi Kwang Do was the only martial art that truly kept me interested. I now realise how fortunate I was to have chosen a Martial Art which not only did I enjoy, but kept me motivated and fit at the same time.

Chandresh Lad

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

The reason for why I want to become a black belt is that it provides me with new skills such as courage, self-control, to do my best and never give up as well as teaching myself to respect others such as my parents and teachers.

Mohammed Musa

Stevenage Kids Martial Arts

From CKD, I have gained more self confidence and self control than before as it has helped me channel my thoughts positively about life. I have also learnt how to communicate well with people of all ages and backgrounds, whilst also gaining experience in teaching.

Kapil Lakhani

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