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Choi Kwang Do Wembley Reviews!

  • From my first class, I have been completely hooked! Choi Kwang Do, unlike other Martial Arts looks beyond the simple kicking and punching techniques. It understands that a martial artist is composed of good character and a sound understanding of the basic human values.

    Rishi Patel
  • I have tried my hand at Judo, Kick Boxing and Jitsu, but Choi Kwang Do was the only martial art that truly kept me interested. I now realise how fortunate I was to have chosen a Martial Art which not only did I enjoy, but kept me motivated and fit at the same time.

    Chandresh Lad
  • The reason for why I want to become a black belt is that it provides me with new skills such as courage, self-control, to do my best and never give up as well as teaching myself to respect others such as my parents and teachers.

    Mohammed Musa
  • From CKD, I have gained more self confidence and self control than before as it has helped me channel my thoughts positively about life. I have also learnt how to communicate well with people of all ages and backgrounds, whilst also gaining experience in teaching.

    Kapil Lakhani

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